The Aleph Center, PLLC
Wholistic Mental Health Care

6408 E Tanque Verde Road,

Tucson, Arizona 85718-3809
Phone: (520)-885-5558
Fax: (520)-885-5559

Contact Information and Directions
8 AM - 5 PM (Monday-Friday)
(Exception of Holidays)

Phones are answered:
9 AM - 12 PM
1 PM - 4:30 PM

You can also call the Crisis Response Center (520) 622-6000 to help with psychiatric emergencies 24 hours a day.

If you call our office after hours, you can leave a message for our office to call you the next business day (or after 1PM if it is between Noon and 1 PM) or press “5” on your phone and follow the prompts to reach the on call provider. 

When you press the “5” after hours (or over the noon hour) to reach the on call provider, the system will ask for your name, number and short message.  Your call will be forwarded and you will be connected to the on call provider.  If they are not immediately available, the system will ask you to leave a message and the on call provider will get back to you within an hour. If they do not get back to you, please try again as technology does not always do what we want it to.


Please note:

We value your privacy. Our emails are not encrypted. If you would like to be able to communicate with us about your sensitive personal information, call our office (520)885-5558 or send an email to billing or scheduling requesting a password in invitation to our secure Patient Portal via PatientAlly.


Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  It is the "Mother letter" of the 26  letters.  It means, among other things, initiative and new beginnings.  The figure in our logo is in a yoga pose representing the letter in dark print.  One related metaphor is the person is an open vessel who has taken the initiative for new beginnings. 
Get Directions To:
6408 East Tanque Verde Rd
Tucson Arizona 85715